The Creativity Project

Exploring the heart of “why” we quilt. 52 interviews in 52 weeks.

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The Creativity Project Week #2: Jessica Skultety

Jessica Skultety is a quilter, teacher, lecturer and editor of The Wonky Press modern quilting newsletter. The common thread to all of these roles is that while she loves what she is doing, she loves sharing it with others even more. Whether she is speaking at guild meetings, teaching workshops, providing information on her blog…

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The Creativity Project Week #1: Melanie Tuazon

Hello! Hello! I’m so excited to kick off this year-long series with you all! Thank you for stopping by for the first of what is certain to be fifty-two weeks of insightful and thoughtful conversation. In the year ahead, I’m looking forward to getting to know more about each of the featured quilters in a…

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