lincoln quilt is basted!

lincoln quilt by Kim Soper/Leland Ave StudiosJust a quick celebratory moment! After a year-plus of improv piecing, the lincoln quilt top is done — and has been basted! I cannot even get over the fabulous fabric I found for the back! I’m so excited to get it finished up! Once it is finished I am planning a big post to explain the history of the how this project came to be, the way I found the image that it is based on, and the reasons I’m choosing to finish it with straight line quilting. But, for now, I’m just looking to virtual high-five the world, because this WIP is almost finished!

Happy Monday!


  1. That backing fabric ROCKS and I’m high five-ing you back because that looks like a monstrously huge quilt to baste. I am intrigued and can’t wait to hear more about his quilt. Happy quilting on it.

  2. Wow! After watching your progress thoughout this quilt, I feel like high fiving you too! You did an amazing jog on this and I’m so excited to see it with the quilting! And to read about your journey!

  3. I look at this and I can’t even believe that you pieced it! I’m working on a piece which I haven’t finished blogging about that has small curved pieces and it’s been so challenging. I may have to get some tips. Looks awesome and I can’t wait to hear more about it. And the backing…just too perfect. Can’t look at it without smiling.

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