on fear and creating.

Lincoln by Kim Soper/Leland Ave StudiosI’ve been working on a project that means a lot to me — for almost a year now. I have rarely shared it on social media. And I have yet to share it in this space as an assembled quilt top, until today. Sometimes, when things mean too much, they end up walking side by side with fear. And occasionally, that fear takes over — bringing the project to a screeching halt.

Lincoln by Kim Soper/Leland Ave Studios

Such has been the case with Lincoln. I am so excited about how it’s coming along. I am thrilled that I am able to use my vision for Improv With Intent to create a recognizable image that is neither paper pieced nor appliquéd. But because I took the time to step back and admit that am happy with the progress, I am terrified of going one step further. Fear, negative and destructive fear, has taken a hold of my rotary cutter and left me in a state of paralysis. It’s been months since I’ve made any new blocks for this quilt.

Lincoln by kim soper/lelandavestudios

I started this blog as an online diary — a way to keep track of my projects and what my thoughts were at the time of making those projects. I never knew if anyone would read it except for myself. But some of you did. And some of you stayed. And I thank you for that. Now, I am sharing this with you for a sense of accountability. And, because I am hoping that by making my fears known to the Universe, I can turn them into something positive: motivation.

Thanks for sticking with me through this pep talk. I know I just have to get the scrap bin out. Get moving. And make a mess. I’m hoping that now that you know what I need to do, I can get started. My inner critic is a loud talker. Sharing with you here will hopefully help me to push through the negative thoughts and get to work!

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  1. Sarah

    Inner critics are always the loudest, aren’t they? I really like where this is going, and please consider me a cheerleader for more progress!!! A woman in my old knitting group used to say all the time: “isn’t it so nice we work in soft mediums?” Fabric (or yarn) can’t really be totally ruined. You could mess up a piece, sure, but you can just remove that section and try again. It’s not marble. 🙂 Hopefully, that helps.

  2. Carla J

    Your “Lincoln” is coming along very well, and I am amazed at the fact that you’re using improv piecing! Trust in yourself and don’t let fear take over. If you make a block that you don’t like, then just remove it from the mix and make another. Remember, too, mistakes can be “happy accidents” and you might achieve something you didn’t expect. Don’t let fear stall you out (I’ll take my own advice to heart…). If you are happy with it and feel like it’s complete in your mind, it could be a really cool artsy piece, as is. It’s all up to what makes you happy with your project. I’m curious to see where you take this…

  3. Each glimpse of this has been a treat. I know that sometimes the critic may whisper, but know that you have cheerleaders on your side as well! This is awesome!

  4. What I can see of it look wonderful! I hope this kind of piecing is in my future. Without seeing it on blogs like yours, I would have never known what was possible. I hope you’ll keep moving forward, knowing that newbies like me learn by watching. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Courtney

    This is amazing, I can’t wait to see more!!! I feel fairly confident quilting but I have no clue how to even start a project like this ; )

  6. I’m over here slow clapping and chanting Go Kim, Go Kim, Go Kim. How’s that for support! This work really needs to be finished and receive the adulation it deserves. I think it’s amazing and will stay amazing – you’ll see. Now get back to it, girl!

  7. Anne

    Thank you for sharing (it is good to know that you are not alone in this!) and I hope that sharing helps you through the difficult time you have with this work, because -honestly- this top in the making is a gem. It really (really!) is beautiful and so very meaningful. Keep up the good work (and don’t worry about the pace; it is lovely).

  8. This , to me, is such an exciting piece! Even if you left it where it is right now, it’s amazing-instantly recognize able and amazing. I’m totally awed, really. Talk about Art! This is my inspiration for today. Thanks so much for sharing it! Just to start this was brave and it clearly is bringing you joy, so you’ll finish it, no worries.

  9. I am so glad you shared this piece and shared your fears! Lincoln is going to be a spectacular piece of art when you are finished. This I will follow! We are hardest on ourselves. If you need a pep talk….you got it! Keep going, this is amazing, you got this in the bag!

  10. Lisa

    Kim I am so wowed by this project. I liked it at the beginning when I had no idea at all of what you were doing but what it’s growing into is just amazing. Thanks for sharing this I hope you can work through the fear and I think sharing it here is step one in that process. I’m giving you encouragement.

  11. Kim, most of us wouldn’t even begin to challenge ourselves with this kind of a project, so keep going, it’s looking amazing! No worries!

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