neon nova quilt.

Neon Nova by Leland Ave Studios/Kim Soper

This is the quilt I made (with so much love) for my son’s room in our new house. Meet Neon Nova.

A little backstory: my son (who is 7) is obsessed with neon yellow. When we moved into our new home in November, he wanted his room to be neon yellow. While I knew that was never going to be an option, I also wanted to give him some neon yellow, so that he would feel excited to move into his big boy room (which was a huge departure from the old house, where he shared a room with his two younger brothers).

Neon Nova by Leland Ave Studios/Kim Soper

We painted a bookcase and the molding around his windows neon yellow. But the walls were painted a neutral beige. My husband was as unhappy with the yellow as my son was with the beige, so I knew it was the perfect compromise.

As we continued to fill his room with furniture and things that he loved, I decided to make a quilt that would tie everything together. There was a quilt (maybe a comforter) at Urban Outfitters a while back that I had liked, and I decided to try to recreate that pattern while incorporating the newly announced Kona color of the year — Highlight.

Neon Nova by Kim Soper/Leland Ave StudiosThe finished quilt measures approximately 63×90 (a generous size for a twin). The entire quilt is straight line quilted with 3/4″ apart lines. The quilt-front is is made using solid Kona cottons — celestial, ash, white, indigo, and (of course) highlight. The back is a mix of the fabrics used on the front with mostly Carkai in Navy by Carolyn Friedlander.

neon nova by leland ave studios/kim soper

I love it.  Imperfections and all.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Oh, and it took about 6 weeks longer to finish than I had originally anticipated. So, um, poor planning on my part! Especially when you are setting expectations for a 7 year old! But other than that. I love it. He loves it. And that is exactly how I hoped this story would end.

neon nova by leland ave studios/kim soper


  1. What a sophisticated and grown up quilt for your 7 year old! The touches of color in his room really are tied together with the quilt, and I love that he has Starry Night over his bed, too. Well done, and I’m so happy to hear he loves it. 🙂

  2. It really is a stunning pattern – you’ve done so well. I love the lessons in compromise here! Painting the trims neon doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would 🙂 Maybe you could get some highvis fabric and make him a set of PJs! Just what everyone wants to see at 6am – reflective hot yellow sleepwear x x

  3. This is just awesome!!! Even more so now that I know the backstory. 🙂 Nice job compromising for everyone, and that quilt ties it all together so nicely. I especially love that last picture. 😀

  4. It’s simply a beautiful quilt and isn’t it so fun to create things for our children? They have so much love in them I think that whenever my son is sleeping he is wrapped in mother’s love. These are my favorite quilts.

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