a market street handbag for mom.


I couldn’t resist making another Market Street Handbag by Kenzie Mac & Co. , this one for my mom. Originally I had intended to use some toiles, stripes and florals for her version, but I changed my mind when I came across Alison Glass‘s Ex Libris at my LQS.

Having made one of these bags before, I was able to concentrate on the finer details this time. I pieced together a panel of Art Theory between two strips of Botany Chambray. I quilted the entire bag in a diamond pattern using a thick gold variegated thread. And I was able to focus on the construction issues, too. As you can see above, my flat bottom bag is balancing on my deck’s handrail. . . something I have to admit. . .  you couldn’t do with the last bag I made!


For the lining, I used Robert Kaufman’s Chambray and another Alison Glass print (Historical Fiction in Gold) for the pocket.


I gave my mom the bag today for her birthday and she was thrilled with it! At first she was eyeing the original bag I’d made, but when she saw how carefully this one was constructed and how much the rainbow of colors popped against the neutral background fabrics, she was in love. I have to say, I really love it, too!

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  1. I admire Alison Glass’s work, but if I’ve purchased any of her fabric, it’s only been a bit here and there. This pattern is the perfect excuse to invest in a chunk of Art Theory. And the chambray that frames it is gorgeous — thx for introducing me to it!

    Your experience is precisely why I make the heck out of my favorite bag patterns. (Sew Together Bag — seven and counting!) This bag is beautiful, and I suspect you have another one (or five?) in you yet. : )

  2. Love the shape of this bag; reminds me of one I did years ago, kind of a bag in a bag, got the pattern at the Sisters, Oregon shop, ahhh. Oh yeah. I made my mum a new bag for her birthday too! Her old one literally fell apart from use. Love that. Great fabrics here!

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