the girliest quilt I could think of.

the girlies girl quilt

This past month I’ve been very quiet. I apologize, and thank you so much for bearing with me! I am finally typing this on my brand new computer, and though I am adjusting to the “newness” of some of its features, I’m super-psyched to be getting back into an online groove! I have many things I’ve been waiting to share with you over the past few weeks, so let’s get to it!

the girliest girl quilt

I recently had the opportunity to make a quilt for the sweetest little girl. She is a complete gift to her family after many hardships, and I wanted to make something that just screamed happy! joy! GIRL!

I think I accomplished that (wink).

I also think I had waaaaaaay too much fun making something pink! As a mom of three boys, it’s not often I get to make something exclusively feminine and sweet!

the girliest girl quilt

My goal was to work with value to create the illusion of the bottom right corner being lit up by the fireflies, and then as the squares graduated away from the “light”, have the fabrics become darker. Much like working with value on Diamonds in the Deep, I find that I tend to purchase fabrics that are way further apart in value than they should be to create the gradual shift that I intend to create. I definitely did not need to pick such a light of a pink for the bottom to create the desired effect.

the girliest girl quilt

In the end, I know the recipient is not going to care that my lights were too light and my darks too dark. And I know that with each project I am learning about color, value and hue. So I’m happy to wrap it up with a bow and know it’s going to keep someone that I love!

the girlies girl quilt

So happy to be back here! I’ve missed you! Hope you are having a great week! the girliest girl quilt

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  1. What a gorgeous pink quilt! I am a mum of two boys and have recently been buying lots of pink fabric too – we just need to make something girly once in a while!

  2. Ohhhhh, this really is gorgeous and the recipient is going to love this for years to come. I really love your pixelation on the front and the back is really lovely too. I have admired that print for a while (I was thinking about using the blue/green colour way for a quilt for me). I love the curves in your quilting – it gives that kind of relaxed, catching fireflies feel – perfect.
    Good luck with the new computer – hopefully you’ll get along better than with the last one!

  3. I really enjoy looking at this project. (Is that a completely lame thing to say?!) Your playing with color and value here is so fun. And I agree with Kirsty: the quilting is an important part of the overall quilt. The sense of movement it creates — little fireflies navigating through the night sky — is what transforms this quilt into something truly special for me.

  4. The quilt is lovely. It can be difficult to find nice fabric in pink but yours looks wonderful.
    Speaking of wonderful–I got a glimpse of where you live and it looks pretty fabulous too.
    Can we see more?
    And keep blogging…please.

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