Long Island Modern SamplerMy Long Island Modern Sampler Quilt is home from Austin. And I only wish this quilt could talk! I would ask it about all of the amazing people that it met and things that it saw — just the fact that Carolyn Friedlander and Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE magazine touched it is so freaking amazing!!!

Long Island Modern Sampler

I have to tell you — I am so proud and so excited — to have been a part of such an amazing experience.  And to have this ribbon that was handmade by Elizabeth Hartman, is the total icing on the cake! I told my husband that he is going to need to start sleeping on the floor, because the ribbon is going to sleep on the pillow next to me! Ha!

Long Island Modern SamplerI felt so honored that this quilt was even accepted into Quilt Con. I had never entered a quilt in a show before. And to have it win first in its category is, well, it was just beyond my wildest dreams. I will treasure it always. I am so grateful that something I made with my own hands, and using my own intuition, was received with such enthusiasm by the quilting community. There were so many phenomenal quilts that were a part of the show. There were so many phenomenal quilts that weren’t a part of the show! So, I realize how unusual and fortunate I am to have had my quilt chosen. I am just so grateful!

Long Island Modern Sampler

So, thanks for bearing with me and letting me gush a little about it here! And if you haven’t had the chance to see all of the Quilt Con 2015 winners, you check them out on the MQG’s website here.

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  1. Ah, so glad to hear it made it home safely. And that ribbon – just perfect! Maybe you could sew a little pillow to put on the bed with you so you don’t have to kick hubby out. You might be a little more popular that way 😉
    Congratulations again – you deserve it for that beautiful quilt!

  2. This so so very exciting! I was really pumped when I saw the first person post about your quilt and its ribbon on Instagram. Congratulations, Kim! Your work is beautiful, and this quilt is stunning. I’m glad the ribbon went to someone like you.

  3. When we first meet in person I need to see this quilt up-close and personal. Pictures in previous posts have illustrated the overall design and how the different blocks play together, but we’ve obviously been missing out on the texture from all your tight straight-line quilting — lovely! And after I examine this piece of art myself, I may give it back to you. Maybe not.

  4. Huge round of applause! This quilt is so deserving of first place. What a great story to tell and to cherish the win for a long time :). It’s one of those stories your going to tell your grand kids like 150,209 times!

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