Finish Along Q4 Goals

How did you do? Did you participate in the third quarter of The Littlest Thistle’s Finish Along? Did you complete all of your goals? I was right on track for finishing all of mine, when the quilting on my LIMOD sampler got the best of me. I spent this past weekend picking out rows of stitches, unbasting and re-basting the quilt sandwich together. Initially, there was some slight puckering on the back. And at first I thought I could live with it. So I kept going. And then my inner critic got the best of me. Is this the kind of work you want to have represent you? No. It was not. So, LIMOD is getting pushed into the Q4 finish goals, for sure. And without further ado, here’s my list:

1) LIMOD Sampler: it needs to be quilted and bound. I hope to have it finished by next weekend!

LIMOD Sampler

2) Diamonds in the Deep: this one is in a UPS box on it’s way to get quilted up by a long-arm quilter! I’m so excited I can’t WAIT! I have my fabric picked for the binding so that it is ready to go when it comes back to me! I hope to have it finished by the end of November!Diamonds in the Deep

3) The Oversized Fashionista Bag: this bag is an amalgamation of patterns in the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam. I’ve added interior pockets, hardware, and a lining. It’s almost to the point where it’s ready to be sewn together. Except, there are some tabs and a handle that I’m not sure the needle on my machine can get through. And, I’m a big chicken. After all the work, I’m afraid my execution of the end result will not live up to the idea in my head. It’s the first time I’ve ever sewn with wool and a silky rayon lining, so, it’s definitely got imperfections already. Which is why it sat in my closet for close to a year. . . it’s time to face the fabric.

Oversized Fashionista Bag

Oversized Fashionista Bag

4) Birds of a Feather: I have a whole new idea for how I want to approach this quilt. It involves some curves, which I’ve never tackled before. It may be a bit too ambitious given the holidays are coming. . . but we’ll see!

Getting an idea in my head

And, then of course there’s the other stuff that I’ll be working on that doesn’t qualify for the Q4 Finish Along. There’s the Gypsy Wife BOM, do. Good Stitches bee blocks, LIMOD blocks and LOTS of handmade gifts for the holidays!

Are you ready? Let’s finish strong, 2014!

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  1. I am in love with each one of your Q4 projects!! I made an orange chevron quilt for a friend last year that PALES in comparison to your glowing beauty! Maybe it is time to make myself one! Have fun with these!!

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