WIP Wednesday: out of the vault.

Hi, there!

new design wall

Let’s catch up! This week I’ve been working on the randomest assortment of projects. Let me start by saying it’s been raining. A lot.

The biggest work-in-progress, by far, is the creation of a dedicated sewing space for meeeeee! We decided that carving out a spot in the guest room would be the best place for me to set up permanent shop.

We decided this back in July.

Well, this past weekend we made some great headway. I made a simple design wall using this tutorial. My new desk is set up. And my stash is now in the guest room instead of the dining room.

painting on canvasAs I cleaned out the closet to switch my stash’s location, it was like pulling works-in-progress out of the vault! And it gave me a whole new set of angst after this week’s finishes. One was this canvas purse I decided to make (ages ago) with visions of Anthropologie in my head. I bought paints. And then put them all together on the shelf, where they sat for almost a year. So, at this point, I was like, what is there to lose? Either it sits in the closet waiting forever for me to suddenly learn how to paint like an artiste (read that with a French accent), or I whip out the paint brush and see what happens! So I just sort of followed the shapes and forms of a Lullie Wallace print we have and suddenly, it was done! It’s not the best, but it’s not nearly as bad as I expected! I think it can be kind of quirky and fun if I finish the bag the right way, no? I also happened across this timely post by Radiant Home Studio about waxing canvas fabric. So, I ordered some of that. Serendipity, no doubt!

quilting the LIMOD samplerAnd finally, I started quilting the LIMOD sampler. More on that another day. I may need your advice. But for now, I am off to practice some yoga — to work on myself — the biggest WIP of all.

Hope you are having a great week so far! Linking up with Freshly Pieced and Sew Fresh Quilts.

ps – sorry for all of the dark photos, but as I said before, the rain and gloom just hasn’t stopped!


  1. Great idea for a purse – we don’t have Anthropology here in Australia but I get the drift!
    I’m jealous of your design wall, I haven’t managed to get one in this house so I have to use the floor. I love that teeny little house there – but he seems a bit lonely, I think you need to make some more.
    Great to hear your sewing space is nearly there – it will be so great to have your own little nook.

  2. Good for you and dealing with those long-neglected WIPs! Like you, I have some craft supplies that have been ignored for — ahem — years. I have zero interest in doing anything with them (sewing stuffies from patterns or kits? what was I thinking?), so I have them bundled up and ready to go to friends who will transform them into something beautiful, no doubt. I can’t wait to see this bag of yours in its finished, and I’m sure lovely, state.

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