an unexpected project.

quilted tooth fairy pillow frontI should have expected it. I should have known this day was coming. With kindergarten complete and a best friend missing two teeth, it was only a matter of time. But my oldest son – my first baby – has his first loose tooth. He’s elated. He can’t wait for it to fall out. I am So. So. Sad. I could handle hearing that he’s a “first grader”. I don’t like it, but I accept that he is starting to only want to play with boys (because girls are “icky”). I get it. But those beautiful baby teeth! Noooooooooooo! Here’s the photo proof. I hope you’re not squeamish!

the tooth is loose!So here I find myself, scrambling to put together a pillow for the tooth fairy, because with the way that thing is hanging in his mouth by a thread, I have a feeling she’s going to be here sooner rather than later. Waaaaahhhhh!

tooth fairy pillow back

It was the first time using a decorative stitch on my machine, so writing his name took a significant amount of time, patience and love! I also made two sizes of piping, neither of which made their way onto the pillow because one was too large, the other too small, and unlike Goldilocks, my craft closet did not contain cording that was “just right.”

tooth fairy pillow (for size)

So I stitched it together just in case today is the day, and I’m linking up with TGIFF! Have a great weekend, friends!

Edit: I’m linking up with the small projects link party at Le Challenge, too! Be sure to stop by and check out the other fun small projects our crafty friends have been working on!


  1. Audrey

    That is a great idea for those baby teeth! I used the same red fabric on a toddler quilt! Thanks for sharing at TGIFF!

    1. Author

      Today is his 6th birthday. He’s begging me to let him bite into an apple! I’m probably going to oblige, but inside I am dying!!!

  2. Emma Jones

    Ah, such a sweet pillow. It is hard when they start to grow up – my youngest is losing the last of his baby teeth 🙁

  3. Oh bless, mine is teething – like all the time! And I cannot wait for this to be over and done with, cannot even imagine the time when his teeth will fall! Thanks for linking up to le challenge.

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