lattice love complete!

Lattice Love - Complete!

My lattice love baby quilt (the one I shared here) is complete and already gifted away! I finished just in the nick of time, which is why the only photos I have were taken on a windy, stormy day! But we lucked out, because the day of the baby shower (the next day) was absolutely beautiful!

Lattice Love - Complete!

The tutorial from Bonjour Quilts was really easy to follow. While I’m not one to use a pattern, it certainly was easy to understand, and the graphic effect of the pattern has such great impact! I knew it would be great for the geometric nursery being planned for our nephew’s arrival.

Lattice Love - Complete!

Despite how clear and easy the instructions were, constructing this quilt had it’s ups and downs for me. I had a more difficult time than I expected trying to line all of those seams up! (Doesn’t that seem to be a theme in my quilting — I expect it to be simple, and I end up frustrated and challenged!). But even where the lattice lines aren’t perfect up close, it gives the illusion of a straight lattice when you stand back and look at the quilt as a whole. Somewhere along the way, I realized the cause of my struggle — the white Kona fabric was stretching. And even with straight pressing (careful not to iron), I found that precisely-cut pieces were no longer their original size once sewn and pressed. But still, in the end, the distortion was minimal. It was glaring to me, since I was on top of the quilt trying to perfect the seams. But to my sister-in-law and anyone else looking at the quilt, it really was not noticeable.

Lattice Love - Complete!

And this is the back! I had so much fun piecing it! I love improv piecing! No rules, nothing is right or wrong, just going on gut and instinct. So. Much. Fun! I added the elephants because my sister-in-law is in love with them, and the fabric had all of the colors of the nursery (which are echoed in the pattern on the front).

I am so happy to have completed this quilt by the deadline, in spite of the holiday, school vacation, and a few other hiccups along the way! And I can’t wait to meet that little baby boy who is going to call the quilt his own, in just a couple of weeks!

Hope you had a beautiful week! Now I’m off to make some granny-square blocks for do. Good Stitches! What are you working on this week?




  1. Seriously, this is gorgeous. I am so stoked at how this has turned out for you – the colours are fantastic and the whole shebang looks so fun and modern.
    I’m sorry your lattice lineups were a little painful – I had the same issue with some of mine, but it all came out in the quilting, I think. Quilting covers so many little sins!
    So glad I’ve found your blog – I love your colour choices and want to see what you get up to in the future!

    1. Author

      I’m so so excited that you like it! It really was such a great pattern, and as soon as I saw your quilt I knew I wanted to make it for my nephew! I love your work and I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks so much for visiting me here!

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