birds of a feather…

sketch ideas{you know what they say}. . .flock together!

Charlie Harper Block

I’m not sure this really counts, since these cute little Charlie Harper birds are obviously not geese, but I thought they could use some bird-type friends. So I sketched a plan to add some — lots and lots (and lots) of flying geese!  I’m a little worried it is going to look too busy in the end, but for some reason my gut is telling me to go for it!


I was planning to make about 20 of the square album four-patch blocks, which I began a little over a week ago. But when I thought about them being directly next to one another, I thought it would look like waaaaaaay too much going on. So then I thought about adding sashing, and that just seemed way too traditional and not special enough for this awesome fabric.  And that’s when I thought about the geese.

Adding geese?

Here I have just one lonely goose flying up in the top left corner, and even though he is flying solo, his mere presence is making me happy and giving me the encouragement to continue. I’ve never made geese in bunches like this quilt will require, so I’m thinking of trying this tutorial for making flying geese fast. If you have any other words of wisdom or suggestions for this quilt I’d love to hear.

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    1. Author

      Thanks for the encouragement! I tried it out, and it really does save a ton of time. . . and more importantly, fabric! No waste! I’ll be using this method from now on!

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